Custom Design, 3D, Precise Drawings, Cut-List

This page is designed for dealers, professionals, craftsmen or just anyone who wants their kitchen, wall unit, vanity, closet organizer or other furniture or cabinets to be designed by professionals who manufacture them every day.

We Offer:

1. Design and lay-out sketch plus technical drawing. (For people who wants to visualize their projects on the computer, customize it and see if that design would fit their interior and space). May also include 3D drawing option. (ideal for designers, sales and presentations) From $100

design blueprint for kitchen cabinets

2. 3D, Precise customized drawing. (Drawing with the actual dimensions as well as 3D visualization of the project. This 2nd stage of creating a custom kitchen or unit is a final step before manufacturing) From $350

3D computer generated image of kitchen cabinets wall units

3. Engineered Cut-List. CNC or saw nesting ready. Part manufacturing. (Detailed part by part cut-list. Part layout (nesting). Ideal for professionals and craftsmen) Optional DWG Export and GCode posting for CNC. From $900

cut-list drawing for kitchencabinets, wall units

Also we provide on-site measuring: $100 – single wall (entertainment wall units, vanity, fireplaces) or $150 for multiple walls (kitchens). Anywhere in Toronto and GTA.

From hundreds of custom elements to chose from you can design a kitchen, wall unit, bathroom vanity closet organizer or office library, have us manufacture it for you and deliver anywhere in Canada or USA.

Many designing and manufacturing options are available, please call for details.

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