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HanStone Quartz & Granite Countertops in Toronto & GTA

Granite countertops are often created by nature, but the finished product is carefully fashioned by man.  Some advantages of granite countertops is their durability, price and the visual aspect.

The advantages of granite countertops don’t stop there however.  They are highly resistant to all types of heats and cold.  Don’t even worry about breaking it because the only thing that rivals granite in hardness is diamonds ( which are used to polish them).

You can roll dough, drop heavy pots and even create a mess and it won’t matter because granite is built for all of those things.  It’s the best kitchen countertop out there, not only does it look absolutely stunning but it’s practicality is un-matched by any other material.

Also remember that no two pieces of granite are the same, so you’ve got an authentic piece of art in your kitchen. 

All though they may be more expensive then other alternatives granite is going to last forever.  It’s only going to raise the value of your home and make it more pleasurable aesthetically and in atmosphere.

So if you’re looking for a countertop which is unsurpassed in style, tone and quality and will complement any accents, cabinets and furniture in your kitchen then granite is for you.

Ordering with Alex Moulding not only means you’re saving money on the granite but we’ll make sure the installation is enough to last you for life, you’ll never have to get it replaced.

We’ve been installing granite for years and have gotten it down to a science, allow us to demonstrate why people pick us over and over for their home projects.  We haven’t earned this reputation by sitting around. 

It’s through hard work, dedication and service that we’ve started to become an industry leader, call us today and get your quotes, estimations and samples.

We’d love to work on your project, so don’t wait any longer!


Choose from hundreds of wood, stain and glaze combinations to create that one of a kind look that you will be proud to make your own.

Our wood doors are of the highest quality wood and finish. Each stain and glaze is applied by hand to achieve a rich, deep finished look. Our ever-expanding palate of colors and treatments provide endless possibilities.

Many natural characteristics present in wood may effect how stain is absorbed and will cause mild color deviations that will make your kitchen unique. 


Quality Comes in All Colors

With 36 rich, stylish colors and patterns to choose from, HanStone™ lets you bring your most vivid imaging to life. Rich and elegant, bold and liverly or perhaps warm and relaxed.

You'll find all this and more in HanStone™'s rich palette. For a closer look, simply click on any of the colors below.

Due to graphic limitations, the colors shown on this website may vary from the actual product.

We provide FREE estimation in Toronto and Area at your home so that you can picture any of our profiles on the walls and get measurements done by a professional.

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