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Plaster Crown Mouldings 4 to 12 inches

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As addition to the largest selection of MDF profiles in Toronto and GTA we also carry a variety of plaster cornice mouldings profiles.

Benefits of Plaster Molding

Plaster molding is an art form that has been around for ages, but it has recently experienced a resurgence in popularity. While plaster molding is very aesthetically pleasing, it also serves more practical functions. It can be used in many different types of applications. Together, artists, craftsmen, and technicians make plaster molding that is stylish, long-lasting, and beautiful.

What Is Plaster Molding?

Plaster molding is a metalworking casting process in which plaster of Paris, also known as gypsum plaster, is used as a molding material. The plaster of Paris used is not pure. Additives are included to increase durability, permeability, and malleability. The formulation used in making the plaster depends upon the solidity and durability the project requires. Metal patterns are usually used to give plaster molding its shape but, to create more elaborate shapes, rubber molds may be used. If you are looking for some exceptional elegance at your plaster molding interiors then wainscoting wall panels is undoubtedly your way offering the best solution for all your designing needs.

Safe and Accurate

Plaster molding has many good qualities that make it advantageous to use. Its surface finish is superb, and its dimensional accuracy is of high quality. Plaster molding does not contract or swell. Because it is noncombustible and has a zero-flame spread rating, it is safer than other kinds of molding. Plaster molding does not emit toxic fumes. Plaster has a low thermal conductivity and heat capacity, so the metal frame does not cool as quickly as it would in other kinds of molds. The metal can thus fill slender cross-sections for intricate parts.

Economical and Effective

Plaster molding is cost-efficient because molds can be used to repeatedly cast inside elements and hand carving is not necessary. Working with plaster molding is therefore not labor intensive as working with wood is. Plaster molding does not require sanding, so once it is installed it can then be primed and painted. Plaster molding also produces much less waste material than other types of molding. Plaster molding used to be made at the construction site, so labor costs were high, time was wasted, and the process was untidy. Now, plaster molding is reinforced with fiberglass, steel, and other textiles, so it can be fabricated in a shop and then installed on-site by expert craftsmen.


Plaster molding is ideal for a wide variety of uses. Plaster used for decorative purposes is light and easily formed. It can be used to create elaborate designs for walls, ceilings, mantels, niches, cornices, and domes. Plaster molding can be fabricated to go along any curve or radius. Plaster molding companies can fashion original designs, adapt and modify their existing decorative work, replicate any designs or specifications, and even restore and stabilize damaged historic ornamental plasterwork.

Ornamental plaster molding is the favored material for designers when they want to embellish wall openings and the areas in which walls and ceilings meet. Plaster molding is not only very adaptable and expressive; it is also highly durable and conducive to a variety of finishes. It is also recognized for its uniform hardness. Since it can be produced repeatedly and reliably to meet very detailed terms, costly finishing procedures, such as machining, are not needed.

Plaster Molding

Toronto Plaster molding has been a component of interior design for centuries. Molding types, techniques, and styles have evolved along with the art of interior design. People living today are fortunate, because we have inherited a vast canon of designs from ages past. The immense array of choices presents to you the question of which style you should use in your home. Toronto architecture can be a great source from which to glean ideas for the design of your home. All of the notable structures of New York City have complementary molding styles that could be applied to the designs for your home.

Design Ideas for Your Fireplace Mantel

Are you considering having a fireplace mantel installed, or changing your existing one? Fireplace mantels can draw attention to your fireplace, making it the distinctive focal point of your room. Keep in mind the intended use for the room, as different focal points can create different moods. If the television is the focal point, it may create a distraction during social gathering and family time. An attractive piece of furniture or artwork may serve as a focal point around which you could arrange your room. If the fireplace is your focal point, the aesthetic of its mantel may set the tone for the entire room. That is the reason you must carefully consider the style and purpose of the room when you select a mantel.

Types of Architectural Molding

The style of any home’s interior can be enhanced by architectural molding. Molding can be used for decorative or practical purposes. Some moldings may give your room a look that is elegant and understated, while others might embellish and enhance a room’s historical charm. Knowledge of the different varieties of architectural molding can be very valuable, because it helps you determine whether your room’s furnishings coordinate with the present moldings, or whether the moldings you are considering coordinate with the furniture you have.

Inspired Uses for Crown Molding in your Home

Installing crown molding is allows you to easily change the look of your home. Here are a few ideas for including crown molding in your interior design plans:

Using Ornamental Plaster for Interiors

Plaster, sometimes called plaster of Paris or gypsum plaster, is definitely making a comeback in the field of interior design. Plaster as a means of ornamentation was very popular in the past, and is once again viewed as an excellent way to aesthetically enhance the interior of homes. Moldings, finials, and other design elements let designers to incorporate the styles of specific eras, such as neo-Gothic, Renaissance, Art-Deco, and Contemporary.

Selecting the Appropriate Decorative Plaster Molding

All home improvements require the consideration of many details to achieve the desired outcome, and so it is with plaster molding. Decorative plaster moldings come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles. To determine the type that is best for you, it is usually best to consider the interior design elements that are already present in your home.

Should I Hire a Plaster Molding Contractor?

Plaster molding can be an easy way to give any home a chic and sophisticated polish. Lots of older houses have ornamental plaster molding. NY brownstones and glamorous, older apartment buildings feature plaster molding that give the interiors a very elegant look. Whether there is existing plaster molding in your new house or apartment, or you are seeking to install new molding to enhance your interior design, the first thing to consider is whether to hire a contractor.

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Plaster Crown Mouldings

Plaster Crown Mouldings

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