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Wood Chair Rails Toronto

It’s just so great nowadays with how readily moldings are available to the general public. It wasn’t always that you could
get decorative pillars, wainscoting panels and even chair rails at such reduced prices and pay such small installation fees.
Here are Model-Home Makeover we’re bringing interior home moldings to the next level. As a manufacturer and installer we can
take care of all your necessities.

MDF chair rail profile MDF chair rail picture

Chair rails started off as a prevention for damaging your walls when people moved around. As with many moldings they have been replaced and now instead of practicality are bought mostly for their looks. What chair rails offer, is a beautiful accent to any room. They make it easy to separate your wall paper, different colors or just add a dramatic effect to any room in your house. With great options to choose from, you can easily make a choice out of a range of chair rails, decorative wall panels and wainscoting .

MDF chair rail picture

Since they are relatively high up on the wall it’s important that the installation process is very accurate to prevent lop sided chair rails. It’s also important to take extra caution when installing to avoid damaging the dry wall. At Model-Home Makeover we’ve installed so many chair rails over the years that it’s become second nature to us.  Not only have we installed thousands but we’ve even manufactured them.

MDF chair rail profile

With competitive pricing, discounts and specials all the time we know that you will be absolutely blown away by the value we give you. Get yourself some nice chair rails moldings and accent any room in the house, give your rooms that edgy, accented look that they are lacking.  Make any room look incredible while raising the property value by installing some simple chair rails.

We provide FREE estimation in Toronto and Area at your home so that you can picture any of our profiles on the walls and get measurements done by a professional.

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for our expert help with your residential or commercial renovation needs.

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